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Updated 6-23-2018
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Alpha III E2X Model Rocket Kit -- Easy To Assemble -- #1256
Alpha III E2X Model Rocket Kit -- Easy To Assemble -- #1256 by Estes Rockets (est1256)
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A perfect beginner's rocket. Almost ready to fly! Brightly molded one-piece orange plastic fin unit and nose cone. Black cardboard body tube. Capability of flying over 1100 feet (335 meters), depending on the engine you select. Parachute recovery. Fly again and again! Bright self-adhesive decorative decals.
Estes Rockets Educational Packs
estes rocket,model rocket educational packs,Generic E2X Rocket Kits (12) -- Model Rocket Bulk Pack -- #1764
Generic E2X Rocket Kits (12) -- Model Rocket Bulk Pack -- #1764 by Estes Rockets (est1764)
Generic Flying Model Rockets are 15 inches. Easy to build, almost ready-to-fly. Collection of twelve rockets for educators. Altitude range: 1100 feet (335 meters). Choice of two vibrant decal sheets for all twelve rockets. Each rocket also contains instructions and warranty notifications. Unassembled parachutes included with rockets.
estes rocket,model rocket educational packs,Alpha Model Rocket Kits (12) -- Model Rocket Bulk Pack -- #1756
Alpha Model Rocket Kits (12) -- Model Rocket Bulk Pack -- #1756 by Estes Rockets (est1756)
The Alpha is an easy to build, high performance kit. Features self-adhesive decals and a parachute for soft, gentle landings. Capable of reaching altitudes up to 1000 ft. (305m). Engines and launch system are not included. This rocket is an unassembled kit.
estes rocket,model rocket educational packs,Up-Aerospace Rocket Kits (12) -- Model Rocket Bulk Pack -- #1793
Up-Aerospace Rocket Kits (12) -- Model Rocket Bulk Pack -- #1793 by Estes Rockets (est1793)
UP Aerospace, Inc. is the world's only operational, private-space launch company. The Up Aerospace SpaceLoft Bulk Pack is an almost exact replacement for the #1750 Gnome (ESTT1750). This educator pack is designed for classroom learning, and comes complete with almost-ready-to-fly model rockets and accessories, including presure-sensative decals.
estes rocket,model rocket educational packs,Firestreak SST Rocket Kits (24) -- Model Rocket Bulk Pack -- Easy To Assemble -- #1792
Firestreak SST Rocket Kits (24) -- Model Rocket Bulk Pack -- Easy To Assemble -- #1792 by Estes Rockets (est1792)
The Firestreak SST rocket also available individually (ESTT0806) Flies 350 feet in the air on mini engine power Purple metallic plastic body tube and nose tapered cone Purple metallic plastic fins (two are with Orange flame print) Fluorescent Orange streamer recovery BONUS: Includes Estes Rocket Labs DVD.
Estes Rockets Scratch Kits
estes rocket,estes rockets,DER RED MAX Classic Model Rocket Kit -- Skill Level 1 -- #0651
DER RED MAX Classic Model Rocket Kit -- Skill Level 1 -- #0651 by Estes Rockets (est0651)
Soars up to 577ft (176m) Parachute recovery Designed for repeated launching durability One year warranty.
estes rocket,estes rockets,Bull Pup 12D Model Rocket Kit -- Skill Level 2 -- #7000
Bull Pup 12D Model Rocket Kit -- Skill Level 2 -- #7000 by Estes Rockets (est7000)
A sport scale version of the USAF AGM-12D Bull Pup air-to-ground missile. Capable of flying over 800 feet (245m). Great first scale model. Precision parts. Die-cut balsa fin parts. Molded white plastic nose cone and tail. Parachute recovery. Plain brown body tubes. Authentic self-adhesive color decals.
Estes Rockets Pre-Decorated Kits
model rockets,estes rocket,Shuttle Xpress Kit E2X Easy-to-Assemble -- (est1722) #1722
Shuttle Xpress Kit E2X Easy-to-Assemble -- (est1722) #1722 by Estes Rockets (est2183)
This rocket carries two shuttles into space! After liftoff, shuttles will separate from the rocket's body and glide back to Earth! The rocket has a parachute recovery system. Pre-decorated, one-piece plastic nose cone. Styrofoam shuttle bodies. Pre-decorated rocket body tubes. Pre-decorated plastic shuttle fins.
model rockets,estes rocket,Patriarch Model Rocket -- Ready To Fly -- #1895
Patriarch Model Rocket -- Ready To Fly -- #1895 by Estes Rockets (est1895)
This fully assembled model rocket is based on the long-range ballistic missile used in the National Missile Defense system. Special clear fins allow the rocket to look like a real missile as it blasts off 600 feet into the air! Durable plastic nose cone. Launchable over and over again on standard Estes.